Sensient Cosmetics Technologies

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107 Wade Avenue
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
United States

P: 9082517416

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About Sensient Cosmetics Technologies

About Sensient®: Sensient® Cosmetic Technologies is committed to developing, producing and marketing high-quality ingredients and colorants to the cosmetics industry, providing beauty companies around the globe with a broad range of solutions. Building on its expertise in high purity colorants and dyes, Sensient also develops innovative functional and active ingredients, and provides formulation expertise for all personal care applications.
Product Categories (10)
  • Raw Material > Colors
  • Raw Material > Film-Formers
  • Raw Material > Fragrance Raw Materials
  • Raw Material > Herbal Extracts
  • Raw Material > Pigments
  • Raw Material > Plant Extracts
  • Raw Material > Rheology Modifiers
  • Raw Material > Solubilizers
  • Raw Material > Thickeners
  • Raw Material > UV Filters/Blocks

Cosmetic Raws

UNICERT ORANGE K7003-J Orange 5 Sensient
UNICERT RED K7053-J Red 27 Sensient
UNICERT RED K7061-J Red 21 Sensient
UNICERT BLUE 05601-J Blue 1 Sensient
UNICERT BROWN REPLACEMENT-J D&C Brown n°1 Replacement Sensient
UNICERT GREEN 06503-J Green 3 Sensient
UNICERT GREEN K7015-J Green 5 Sensient
UNICERT GREEN K7157-J Green 8 Sensient
UNICERT ORANGE K7011-J Orange 4 Sensient
UNICERT RED 07004-J Red 4 Sensient
UNICERT RED K7008-J Red 22 Sensient
UNICERT RED K7054-J Red 28 Sensient
UNICERT RED K7057-J Red 33 Sensient
UNICERT VIOLET K7025-J Ext. Violet 2 Sensient
UNICERT VIOLET K7116-J Ext. Violet 2 Sensient
UNICERT YELLOW 08005-J Yellow 5 Sensient
UNICERT YELLOW 08006-J Yellow 6 Sensient
UNICERT YELLOW K7005-J Yellow 8 Sensient
UNICERT YELLOW K7164-J Ext. Yellow 7 Sensient
UNICERT GREEN K7016-J Green N°6 Sensient
UNICERT VIOLET K7014-J Violet 2 Sensient
UNICERT YELLOW K7064-J Yellow 11 Sensient
PHAT BLACK DC 9203 Green 6 / Red 17 Sensient
PHAT BLUE DC 6204 Green 6 / Violet 2 Sensient
PHAT BROWN DC 8206 Green 6 / Red 17 / Violet 2 / Yellow 11 Sensient
PHAT GREEN DC 7215 Yellow 11 / Green 6 / Violet 2 Sensient
PHAT ORANGE DC 2204 Yellow 11 / Red 17 Sensient
PHAT BLACK DC 9206 Green 6 / Violet 2 / Red 17 Sensient
NATPURE COL BROWN LC816 Caramel Sensient
NATPURE COL BROWN LC817 Caramel Sensient
NATPURE COL GREEN LC717 Chlorophyllin-copper complex Sensient
NATPURE COL ORANGE LC217 Beta-Carotene Sensient
NATPURE COL RED LC313 Beetroot red Sensient
CARMIN SOLUBLE W 3014 Carmine Sensient
NATPURE COL GREEN LC719L CI 75810 Sensient
NATPURE COL ORANGE LC214L  Annatto Sensient
NATPURE COL YELLOW LC112 CI 75300 Sensient
NATPURE COL RED LC318L Beta-Carotene Sensient